Everman Farm, Sparta

Daisy Everman (center), 1993

Daisy Schirmer Everman (1905-1998) owned and operated the Everman Dairy Farm on Rt. 63 in Sparta for nearly 50 years.

Some sources state that Daisy left her teaching job at a nearby district school in 1932 to assume management of the dairy portion of the Clement Everman farm. Daisy’s husband, Henry Everman, who was Clement’s nephew, was assisting in crop management.

All sources agree, however, that when Henry died in 1946, still a young man, Daisy took on the operation of the farm and also raised their two little sons. Her farm was often in the running for highest corn yield in the county, if not the state. In 1952, her corn crop was noted as the second-highest yielding in Livingston County, second only to the winners of the year’s state champion award. Her herd of cows, likely descendants of high-quality Holstein stock long raised by her family, was dispersed at the time of her retirement, but her descendants continue the crop farm today.