Livingston Landmarks Tour Overview

Welcome to the Livingston County Landmarks Heritage Trail

Livingston County is located in the heart of the Genesee River Valley of western New York and throughout time has attracted attention for its natural resources and rich history.

Along this trail you will discover some of the unique aspects of this area and gain insight into why these places are historically significant. 

The tour is divided into three sections:

1) On the Main Drag - includes distinctive  landmarks along state highways that are in plain sight and will instantly grab your attention.

2) Around the Bend - includes several easily accessible places just off the main drag a turn or two.

3) Off the Beaten Path - includes more out of the way places that connect culture and the natural landscape.

Please be respectful of these sites particularly those on private property and do not trespass. 

Caution is always advised when stopping along busy thoroughfares and back roads.